I want to organize an art show with the topic “REMEMBER SREBRENICA GENOCIDE?” (note that the question mark is there on purpose!) in honor of the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide.
I’m looking for artists of all walks of life to submit artwork on this topic.
The show would be held in the United States, but I’m not sure of its location as of yet. I’m talking to different organizations who’d be willing to host the show and also donate money for expenses. Since this is the first time to even give this a try, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out and if it’s going to be possible to do it by July. If we’re not able to organize everything by the Srebrenica Massacre anniversary, we will move it towards the end of summer.
I want to see how many artists would be interested in submitting their artwork first, so if you are interested, please let me know.
My goal is to have at least 25% of all proceeds go to “The Pillar of Shame” project, unless I find another, more appropriate project/organization to donate to.
At this time, I only want to see how many artists would be interested and if we have enough good quality artwork, I will have all other info ready for you.
Send me an email with the picture(s) of your art, if you already have something:

Please feel free to make any suggestions and spread the word!
Thank you,


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