Dnevni Avaz article

July 10, 2011

The Terrorist-Fascist Association “Our 1389” is asking for the release of “innocent criminal”

Serbia applauding Mladic for 'liberating' Srebrenica
Serbia applauding Mladic for ‘liberating’ Srebrenica

Activists of the fascist-terrorist association “Serbian National Movement 1389 – Our 1389” from Belgrade have posted flyers/posters this morning throughout Serbia with the image of the war criminal Ratko Mladic, congratulating him on “liberation” of the ‘Serbian town’ of Srebrenica, as stated, from the Muslim terrorists. “

In a statement to the media, this Chetnik movement is seeking the release of “innocent criminal” from the Hague tribunal, and claims that “nobody can take away Mladic’s victory in Srebrenica and The Serbian Republic.”

This obvious provocation and contempt towards the victims of this genocide, the Serbian Association eventually manifests through invitation for the “unification of all Serbian countries”.

How will the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office react to this remains to be seen, considering that this office has, on 25th of September 2009, initiated the adoption of the prohibition of this Fascist Association , which was first heard of on 10th of July 2005. As a reminder, at that time, during the commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide victims in Belgrade, the activists of this criminal association chanted “Knife, wire …” and threw smoke bombs at the assembled activists of “Woman in Black”.

Three years later, in one of the organizer’s possession – Miso Vacic – was found a pistol, ammunition and bulletproof vest which was the reason why the Serbian judicial authorities had  launched the suspension of this group’s work because, it was obvious that a potential terrorist organizations was born out of (a regular) citizens’ associations .


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