For those of you who were wondering about me, about who I was and why I did the post about Civikov…

I was born and raised in Bosnia and have survived the war but I’ve lost a lot of family and friends. I guess I was lucky NOT to see much … nothing like the above video though!
I’m a Bosnian who wanted to just simply spread the news about Bosnia and the Srebrenica Genocide, because most people don’t know about it and I wanted it to be a warning for all of the human race so we don’t let it happen again, ever, anywhere! Sometimes I think that, if given enough time, we would kill each other off.

The blog was supposed to give info about Srebrenica (and the war in Bosnia) in English. I wanted to post everything that’s going on, even if I (or you) don’t agree with it. This is how my post about Civikov’s book started. I still partially agree with some of his stuff about the ICTY. ICTY has done a lot of great stuff for Bosnians, but they messed up a few times too. I truly think that they have quite a few flaws that HAVE TO be fixed, but that’s a totally different topic. I wanted to get the word out, I wanted comments, replies, and most of all, “I” myself wanted to know what people think about it. I wanted to know what other people thought about this war and Civikov’s book and so on, not just Bosnians. If I wanted Bosnians only to read this blog, I would’ve started it in Bosnian.

Having said all of this, I was so happy to see you all kind of scrutinizing me for that post which, to me meant you cared. You wanted the truth. So, thank you all for keeping up the good work and for standing up for Bosnia.



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