This blog is created in honor and remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide victims and their families!

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  1. Kako te nije sramota objavljivati materijal koji negira genocid u Srebrenici?
    Germinal Chivikov je lazo i negator genocida, a ti objavljujes njegove clanke.

    • vidim da ste komentirali na bosanski i engleski i drago mi je da jeste ali zaista trebate procitati sve. Clanak govori o Tribunalu koji ne radi svoj posao kako treba. Erdemovic je odsluzio 3 1/2 godine a sam je priznao da je ubio 70-100 Muslimana??? Je li to fer? Hocete li da i Mladic i ostali koji dodju na sud dobiju 3 1/2 godine ili onoliko koliko zaista zasluzuju?
      Niko iz Erdemoviceve jedinice (od 8 clanova) nije bio optuzen a kamoli osudjen a sama ta jedinica je ubila 1,200 muslimana. S moje tacke gledista, ovaj post je objavljen da narod zna kako Tribunal zaista radi, tj. da ne radi svoj posao. Vi mozda imate drugacije misljenje ali ja cu, sve dok mislim da ima istine u necemu objavljivati, bez obzira ko je autor.
      Hocete li da Tribunal pohvata sve ratne zlocince i da im tako malu kaznu? Ja necu.
      Bolje bi bilo da se i ja i ti pocnemo buniti protiv haskog tribunala zajedno, nego da se svadjamo ko je Civikov.

  2. If you simply want to inquire for yourself keep this blog private. If you want to raise serious issues comment on other people’s blogs or be honest about your own identity. It’s not unreasonable for the first poster to assume that you’re part of the genocide denial industry contemptibly hiding behind a facade of sympathy for the victims. You are not in a position to criticise other people’s honesty when you appear to be party to a fraud yourself.

    • I want to keep the blog public and If that raises some serious issues, so be it. The blog is not about me so I really wish we were spending time talking about the victims and genocide. I have said everything I wanted to say in “ABOUT” page, but I do thank you all for questioning the blog. To me, that means you care.

  3. It seems as though you have had second thoughts about the Civikov post, which speaks positively for your good intent. If you are trying to inform yourself, you need to be very wary. The key aim of the campaign of denial is to sow doubt about the substance of the genocide at Srebrenica. They spin, distort and exaggerate, so that it becomes difficult to feel certain what is the truth and what is not, unless you remind yourself of the overall reality.

    In the case of Erdemovic, the aim is not to express anger at the low sentence that Erdemovic received as a result of the plea bargaining that was intended to secure his testimony, it is to call his testimony into question, to challenge the authenticity of the ICTY process and to contest the reality of the genocide at Srebrenica, the nature of the Bosnian war and the causes of the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. Civikov is notorious, along with his translator John Laughland, his associate Alexander Dorin, and various other enterprises that have returned to activity this year now that Radovan Karadzic is on trial at The Hague, in particular the Srebrenica Research Group of Ed Herman and the Srebrenica Historical Project of Stefan (Stephen) Karganovic.

    I would recommend that you visit the Srebrenica Genocide Blog at http://srebrenica-genocide.blogspot.com/ The author of the blog is dedicated to campaigning for the truth about Srebrenica. His tone can sometimes be uncomfortably strident but his posts are truthful and well informed and he never strays from a basic position of seeking justice for the victims. Unfortunately his blog no longer accepts comments but you can e-mail him. (You may need to be prepared yourself for the possibility of the same sort of harassment he has experienced by those who want to drive any discussion of the issue of Srebrenica in the direction of propaganda for the perpetrators.).

    You are wise not to reveal too much of your identity, but nevertheless I suggest that you should provide a little bit of information about yourself and the background to this blog. Other people have employed the tactic of vagueness to exploit public concern. Visitors need to have an idea of where you’re coming from.

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