Potočari-the saddest place in Europe

Six hundred and thirteen victims of genocide in Srebrenica were buried today (7/11/2011) in the Memorial Center Potocari (Srebrenica). So far, 5,137 souls has found peace at the cemetery in Potocari. The event went without any incidents.

Hakija Meholjić survived the hell of Srebrenica. His brothers and other family members have not. He came here today to bury close relatives of his wife. As one of the wartime commanders, he was one of the first to return to Srebrenica, striving to help make life in this city possible again: “Today, all this is sad and it’s history. This should be done with dignity. On behalf of the dead, something has to be done for the living too. When I talk about the living people, I’m talking about the citizens of all nationalities. By building peace, reconciliation and restoring the mutual trust, we’ll build the future, because this is certainly the wish of the dead, regardless of nationality,” says Meholjić.

The wound that does not heal
The wound that does not heal
Among the officials present in Potocari was also Miladin Dragicevic, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia, Milorad Dodik: “Today, we fulfill a human, civilizational duty – paying respect to the victims. I hope that tomorrow someone from here, on behalf of the Bosniak people will come to pay homage to the fallen, other victims in this region. This is the regular procedure, and we should respect each victim. The victims have no names or last names”, said Dragicevic.
[THIS IS THE PART THAT I WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT ON THE MOST!!! He shouldn’t be allowed to ever again come to Srebrenica. NEVER! This also shows – to me anyway – that Serbia is not apologizing for committing this genocide at all, and probably never will.]Staying in Srebrenica shows that we are humans

Marija Perkovic, in the name of organization “Women in Black” from Belgrade, is explaining why they come to Potocari every year: “In our case, there is this collective responsibility that applies because we come from Serbia who is ultimately the most responsible for the genocide committed in Srebrenica. Therefore we think that we need to be here every year because that is the only way, I think, we can show ourselves and others that we are humans”.

Another 613 identified Bosniak bodies have been exhumed from the mass graves across the Drina valley were buried today, and paid respect to 4,524 so far buried victims.Sadik Selimovic, member of the team for missing persons and exhumation says that out of today’s 613 victims, every ninth victim was a minor and that the remains (of these victims) were found at 70 (different) locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina in nine municipalities.

Today’s 16th memorial tribute in Potocari will remain remembered because of the extreme heat that made the emergency crews’ hands full. Apart from waving some war flags, no incidents were reported.

Author: Marinko Sekulic Kokeza
Editor: Mehmet Smajić

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